Chlor-Alkali-and-Chemical-Plants-FRP-PipesFiberglass Pipe Inventory Sale

The fiberglass pipe listed below is all from various projects over the last 5 years.  All pipe is to the specification of various clients, either chemical companies, or power companies in the case of abrasive service pipe.

Most of the pipe resulted from the reduction by the client in the scope of the project. Some resulted from inadvertent overruns. The pipe for chlorine service has contamination of the corrosion barrier and could have a reduced service life but only in that service.  All other pipe is believed to be free of defects and will be inspected prior to shipment to insure its quality.

There are also a few fittings available that match some of the pipe in our inventory.  Availability is, of course, subject to prior sale.  All prices are 50% off the original cost to the customer.  Prices generally represent slightly less than the cost of the resin and the glass.

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